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Jan 2021

Sliding Discount Scale


1 - 24 assorted/ single titles...................45%
25 - 149 assorted/ single titles...............50%
150 + assorted/ single titles.............55%

*All non-returnable business with MAGICWAYMEDIA INC. will be considered fully non-returnable on an ongoing basis. Non-returnable accounts may not revert back to sliding scale.

Initial Order:

Order requirements to open an account:

  1. $200.00 retail value minimum.

  2. Completed credit approval

  3. 50% payment of order's net value must accompany order — balance is Net 30 days.

  4. F.O.B. Canada.

Subsequent Orders:

Minimum order requirement:

  1. $150.00 retail value.

  2. F.O.B Canada.

  3. Orders which fall under this minimum will receive a 20% discount.

  4. Terms are Net 30 days.

Trade Return Policy

  1. All books must be resaleable condition.

    1. no stickers or books with covers damaged by stickers.

    2. no stamps.

    3. no torn dust jackets or damaged covers.

    4. no 'out of print' titles unless the invoice date is less than 12 (twelve) months past.

  2. Only full book returns EXCEPT where indicated by an on the back cover. Documentation must accompany returns. Please indicate the ISBN.

  3. All returns will be credited at a flat 46% unless invoice numbers accompany the return in which case the return will be credited at the original purchased discount.

  4. Returns must be shipped prepaid. Collect ship-ments will not be accepted. Returns' and claim number must be clearly marked on all cartons.

  5. Any discrepancy found in return shipments will be credited on the basis of MAGICWAYMEDIA INC.'s count.

  6. Returns are sent at customer's risk. Credit will not be issued on return shipments lost in transit.

  7. Returns may only be made between 3 (three) and 12 (twelve) months from the date of invoice.

Prices subject to change