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Rad + Raw Magazine, an Interview with author/ illustrator, Magic Mike

'Magic Mike' the Toronto Author and Illustrator, spoke with Sadie Kromm, founder of Toronto fashion, art, and lifestyle magazine "Rad and Raw Magazine" about his start and passions in the world of Literature. Following the brief expert below, will be a link to the full interview.

Sadie: When did you realize you had the gift of writing for children?

Magic Mike: I think I’m still realizing it now. Part of what I love so much about telling stories is that the process is explorative for me. I have no formal training in any element of what I’m doing, so I’m at each moment learning and testing, which I think is a very sincere and rewarding kind of self-discovery. There’s a quote from a book I love called A Room With A View by the English novelist, E.M Forester, that says, “Life, is a public performance on the violin, in which you must learn the instrument as you go along.” which I think captures perfectly how I feel.

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