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"The Very Unluckily Lucky Quaroo" - Children's Book Tour Retrospective

The Very Unluckily Lucky Quaroo, Tour Retrospective


Rouge Valley Public School, June 13th

Indigo Chapters Place Trust, Montreal, QC June 23rd

Indigo Chapters Yorkdale Mall, Toronto, ON July 22nd

Indigo Chapters Rideau Centre, Ottawa, ON September

Indigo Chapters Kennedy Commons, Scarborough, ON

I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from my recent tour, my first, for my first commercially published Children’s book, The Very Unluckily Lucky Quaroo (which you can now purchase copies of at magicway.ca/shop!) and thought a gallery retrospective would be a cool way to do that.

The idea for the story came back in 2016, at my mom’s place in Scarborough before I fell asleep one night. Just a half-awake, directionless pattering on my phone keyboard, that was brought to life mostly during the summer of 2017 at my grandparents’ home in Fayetteville, North Carolina where I spent, two months that summer (we need more Krispy Kreme’s in Toronto) working on it. Their county, with its Stephen King film-esque, small world ambience, and initially excruciating lack of distractions compared to those I could find back home, was, in hindsight the exact place I needed to be at, and gave me a lot of time to work on what has, coupled with the support of some awesome friends and strangers, allowed me to visit some great places, and share my work with some amazing people, all of which, I am incredibly grateful for.

The tour was short. Short, but very, very sweet. It started on June 13th with a reading at my old school, Rouge Valley Public School in Scarborough, then a June 23rd signing at Indigo Chapters Place Trust in Montréal, July 22nd at Indigo Chapters Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, September 22nd at the Rideau Centre Indigo Chapters in Ottawa, and ended Nov 18th, back home in Scarborough, at Indigo Chapters Kennedy Commons. I met some wonderful people during; there was Frederick from Ottawa who volunteered to read multiple times and impressed everyone in the audience, Saharah (whose name I’m not sure I spelled right), from Rouge Valley who had the sweetest spirit, and smile. Yanny (another name I’m not sure I’ve got correct, sorry) from the Kennedy Commons signing who spent most of the evening entertaining me and trying to convince me, very passionately, that I should be watching wrestling. And Adam from the Yorkdale signing, who shares a love with me for Wayne Rooney and the Arsenal football club, though my loyalties may have changed since then (Paris Saint-German F.C). I’ve captioned most of the photos, some in the spirit of enjoyable context, and some because they sort of look like images I might have stolen from Pinterest without them. Enjoy! (Open Gallery to see captions)

You can now purchase signed copies of The Very Unluckily Lucky Quaroo here.

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